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Teen Charged As An Adult in Murder of Another Teen

Jean Sanchez, 13 ,  the youth that police say was responsible for killing 13 year-old Ameer Al Shammari has been charged as an adult in the crime.

Shammari's body was found over the weekend off railroad tracks along Amherst Street, after friends and family said he went missing, trying to recover a stolen Iphone. Sanchez, through his attorney, entered a not guilty plea in court Tuesday morning.

Sanchez is of the you

"It's very hard at that young age to imagine a kid having that kind of intent to commit murder...."

- Defense Attorney Paul Cambria

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ngest possible age that would still allow him to be tried as adult. According to law, a defendant convicted of 2nd degree murder who is 13 years old faces a minimum of 5-to-life and a maximum of 9-to-life.

A defendant 12 years old and younger cannot be prosecuted as an adult in superior court.

  In a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda released very few details about the homicide or arrest but did indicate tips from the public did help in the investigation. 

HEAR:  Buffalo Police News  Conference

Derenda also said the suspect made admissions and said the case is "disturbing" and nothing surprises him anymore. 

"Numerous tips from the public led us to make an arrest so quickly," Derenda said. "Even some small tips that people probably didn't think were important were important and led us to the arrest."

The 13 year old's body was found Saturday afternoon on Amherst Street in the Black Rock area of Buffalo. Tuesday morning, family and friends gathered at the Masjid al-Eiman and Islamic Center on Connecticut Street for the 13 year old's final farewell. (pictured R)

On Monday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said he met with Al Shammari's parents. "The family obviously is very sad, they're heartbroken," Brown said. "I shared with them that the community is heartbroken as well. This is a terrible loss of a young teenager and it hurts all of us."

Brown said he spoke to the family, who do not speak English, through a translator.

Al Shammari was last seen on Friday evening, his family reported him missing later Friday night. A Buffalo Police spokesman says the investigation began immediately after Al Shammari was reported missing, and included other police agencies. Al Shammari was found about 18 hours after he was reported missing.

Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown issued these statements:


Our condolences go out to the family of Ameer Al Shammari, who was tragically taken from them this past weekend.  We are sorry also for this devastating loss to the Waterfront School community.


The District Crisis Team has joined the school’s Student Support Team to provide counseling and will be assigned to the school until further notice.  Counselors are also available for students, parents, and staff.  


We will keep Ameer in our hearts and our prayers as we collectively mourn this tragic end to a young life. 

We are in despair over the criminal act that resulted in the loss of one beloved student from Waterfront #95 and the arrest of another from Bilingual Academy #33.


When school resumes on Thursday, The District Crisis Team will join Student Support Teams in all affected schools in order to provide counseling for as long as it is required.  Counselors are also available for students, parents, and staff.  


While we heal as a community, we must recognize that we must all do better to impress on our young the concept of peace and the sanctity of life.


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05/07/2014 7:55AM
Teen Charged As An Adult in Murder of Another Teen
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05/07/2014 2:54PM
I am deeply sorry for the undeserved loss of this child in such a violent manner. My heart aches so for him and his family. I pray they receive solace and peace through from thier family, friends, religious community and the entire Buffalo community and realize that the community as a whole does not have this violence in their hearts....there are only those unfortunate few. The surrouning communites outside the Buffao area, such as myself, are praying also for the boy and his family with heavy hearts.
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