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Paladino: Will Call for Superintendent's Removal July 1st

Buffalo, NY(WBEN) The elections of Larry Quinn and Patti Bowers Pierce to the Buffalo School Board will give Carl Paladino the votes he needs to remove superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown. Paladino says he won't waste time.

"The new board is seated on July 1st, and we'll take a vote immediately," says Paladino, a long time critic of Dr. Brown's. "I will bring the motion. I assume we have a majority of votes."

Paladino says the results instill "a great deal of hope for people who work in the district as well as the children."

Paladino also hopes to bring back neighborhood schools. "We have to get them off riding buses two to three hours a day," says Paladino, who adds something also has to be done to improve morale in teaching and administrative ranks to improve education.

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