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Buffalo Doctors Act to Save Pakistani Toddler's Life

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - When four year old Eshaal Fatimah was released from Gates Vascular Institute, it capped a long journey.

Eshaal, who is from Pakistan, was born with a rare brain ailment that led to three nearly fatal brain hemorrhages. Her father, Jamshed Ahmed had trouble finding the help she needed in Pakistan. "I started talking to different people, different doctors," said Ahmed. "Unfortunately in Pakistan, doctors were not quite hopeful."

After years of being told that there was no local treatment available for his daughter, Ahmed was directed to the Gates Vascular Institute and Doctor Adnan Siddiqui, a Pakistan native working at Gates.

"We looked at the films and we thought we could address this using minimally invasive approaches that are available to us at this center," Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui then worked with Kaleida Health to find a way to bring Eshaal's family from Pakistan to Buffalo. After being denied a visa twice, Ahmed was finally able to make it to the United States. Once here, all physicians overseeing her care donated their services, including neurosurgery, pediatricians, anesthesia, and radiology.

"We were all disturbed and very scared, but Doctor Adnan was quite sure that this brain abnormality can easily be treated by embolization," Ahmed said.

Today, Eshaal is considered completely cured.

"I have no words, I can't show my gratitude, I can't show my feelings to them of how I feel now," Ahmed said. "Thank God somebody told me about this hospital in Buffalo... they gave us the hope that we can save our daughter."

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