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Jacobs Launches Petition to Get Lowe's to Honor Thank-A-Vet Program

Clarence, NY (WBEN) Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs has started a petition drive to get a home improvement chain to honor the county's Thank-A-Vet program.

Jacobs says Lowe’s recently started enforcing a Corporate Policy offering an everyday 10% discount only to active duty, retired military veterans or those with a VA Card who receive benefits through the VA.  However, the overwhelming majority of honorably discharged veterans are not retired from the military or don't qualify for the VA card, leaving a vast number of our heroes unrecognized. 
“For almost three years, Lowe’s has accepted our ‘Thank-A-Vet’ discount card and offered their 10% discount.  To deny these honorably discharged veterans now is extremely disappointing to the veteran community,” said Jacobs.
“I have spoken with countless veterans and my office has fielded hundreds of emails and phone calls on this issue.  As the policy currently stands, a veteran that’s a ‘war hero’ would only receive a discount a few days a year, while a retired veteran, would enjoy the benefits of a discount every day.  The veteran community is asking to be treated equally by Lowe’s,” he added.
Anyone who would like Lowe’s to reform their Military Discount Policy can sign the online petition at or call the County Clerk’s Office at (716) 858-4737 to have their name placed on the petition.

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