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Wallenda Announces Fair Wire Walk Details

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - It was known for some time that Nik Wallenda would be walking across the Erie County Fair this summer as it celebrates its 175th year. Thursday, Wallenda was in town to share the details of his walk.

Wallenda will walk for 1400 feet on a wire suspended 125 feet from the ground on Sunday August 10th at 8:00PM.

"I'm extremely excited to announce that we're going to be doing a walk that is actually longer than the walk over Niagara Falls right here on these grounds," Wallenda said while standing on the ground under which he will perform his stunt.

The walk will be Wallenda's longest of 2014, and is double the length of his typical walks. The daredevil will be spending his Summer in Western New York, he is already committed to performing at Darien Lake Amusement Park in an act with his family from June 23rd to September 1st.

"It really to me is about giving back to this area," Wallenda said. "This area has been so good to me in supporting me as I sought permission to become the first person in the world to walk directly over Niagara Falls, and eventually being granted that permission. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support of all these local communities."

Wallenda also says that his time spent in Western New York this summer will give him the opportunity to work on bringing a permanent attraction to the Niagara Falls area, something he has talked much about in the past.

The Fair also announced on Thursday that the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will perform on Wednesday, August 6th, the Fair's opening night.

The BPO has not performed at the Erie County Fair as a solo act since 1956. They last appeared at the fair as part of Chet Atkins' 1993 concert. The Orchestra's concert will explore the history of the Erie County Fair from its 1819 beginning to its current incarnation as the largest independent county fair in North America.

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