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VIDEO: The Daily Show, Sen. Ranzenhofer and Yogurt

(WBEN/AP) The New York Senate's debate about declaring yogurt the state's official snack was intended to teach a fourth-grade class about government.But mockery from David Lettermen and John Stewart left some lawmakers with a sour taste in their mouths.

The Senate spent 45 minutes this week debating the merits of the legislation, which was introduced at the urging of Amherst's Michael Ranzenhofer, on behalf of students at Byron-Bergen Elementary in Genesee County.

Letterman and Stewart skewered the exchange on their shows, with Stewart calling the deliberations "maybe the best 40 minutes" of legislative debate ever.

Before passing the bill, senators mulled the distinction between snacks and meals, and whether snacks like raisins or pretzels were more deserving.  Razenhofer's proposal was lightly mocked by fellow lawmakers. One senator, Liz Krueger, a Democrat, suggested the official designation might be inconsiderate to people who are lactose intolerant. But her treatment of the esteemed gentleman from upstate New York was nothing compared to the roasting that Ranzenhofer - and his colleagues- received from Comedy Central's John Stewart on the Daily Show last night.

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