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"E.C. Sheriff Breaks Silence Over Cell Monitoring"
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05/10/2014 7:17AM
E.C. Sheriff Breaks Silence Over Cell Monitoring
What are you thinking?
05/10/2014 9:26AM
cell phones, etc.
I don't believe the Sheriff. Its time our phones , computers, etc., have a way of letting us know they're being 'tapped' and allow us supposedly free citizens the option of blocking the intrusion. Like Life Alert for identity theft. Also, there should be a site for local and federal 'tapping' whereas an individual can enter their cell phone #, or computer # to review what has been collected with the option to delete.
05/11/2014 11:41AM
What could go wrong?
Right wing zealots with guns spying on American citizens? No worries! Wasn't long ago this station was cheerleading the neocons.
05/12/2014 8:24AM
Cell Phone
What if your cell phone is on through your blue tooth in car. They are still going to pull you over?
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