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SPCA Seizes Over 100 Animals in Alden

Alden, N.Y. (WBEN) - The SPCA serving Erie County was on the scene of an condemned home in Alden seizing more than 100 animals Saturday. 

Friday night the SPCA received a call from members of the Alden Police Department who were present at the home. SPCA officers arrived at the scene at approximately 8:30 pm to find the animals in varying degrees of health living in deplorable conditions. SPCA staff started removing animals Friday night until shortly before 11:00 pm, and are removing animals at this time from the property and transporting them to the SPCA’s Tonawanda shelter.

“In addition to the six horses rescued Thursday from a Newstead property, the SPCA once again finds itself providing care for more than one hundred animals of several species at the same time,” says Executive Director Barbara Carr. “Many of these animals are need of extreme veterinary care. Those medical costs, combined with the general costs of housing and caring for so many animals at once, create another emergency financial need of sorts. We are once again turning to the community asking for their donations, allowing us to give these animals the care of which they are so desperately in need.”

Charges against the alleged owner of the animals, who was not at the property at the time of inspection, are pending.

The list of animals includes, in approximation:
Six cats
Five dogs
Four tortoises
One skink (lizard)
Almost 100 birds , including finches, rosellas, parrotlets, cockatiels, Bourke’s parakeets,  standard parakeets, African greys, Amazon parrots, senegals, ring-necked doves, diamond doves, and more.

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