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"WBEN Extra: Where Should The Next Buffalo Bills Stadium Be?"
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05/14/2014 8:34AM
WBEN Extra: Where Should The Next Buffalo Bills Stadium Be?
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05/14/2014 8:56AM
None of the above
Where is the "none of the above" choice? We are dumping $130 MM in to RWS, *AND* building a new stadium? Seriously, WHAT??? IF we are building a new stadium, what becomes of the Ralph? It sits there, an empty crumbling pile of rocks like the old War Memorial, until it caves in? But this is the typical pattern in Buffalo. Upgrade, or even raze and build new on the existing RWS site. Whatever is done, I am hoping against hope it does *NOT* go on the waterfront. Finally, after decades, Buffalo is restoring access and the ability of the public to enjoy our waterfront. Please don't cut off a giant swath of it a football team. Lastly, if the public is going to bear the expense of constructing a stadium, then we really need to play hardball with the NFL, and demand that Erie County and / or New York State be allowed to purchase all or part of the team. It's enormously profitable, so let's capture and retain some of those profits, and, through public ownership, reduce the risk of the team moving in the future.
05/14/2014 1:28PM
no batavia
i agree with above that you don't want to cut off the waterfront with a stadium that will only be used 8-10 per year. batavia will have the same problem as orchard park, it isn't buffalo. also the only way in/out is thruway. have you gone to a concert at darien lake and tried to get in/out in under 2 hours? too bad they couldn't figure out how to share a stadium with UB and at least use it a few more times per year. but UB doesn't attract that kind of attendance like other college teams.
05/14/2014 3:30PM
Ed Knierim, Springville NY
Outer Habor, Downtown great ideas. For todays hurried popuation the travel time in and out of either location is going to be a concern. If you want these areas to grow and boom around them at a rapid place the highway system needs to be improved. I suggest continuing Rte 219 northwest to downtown buffalo. Carry 219 west just north of the Blasdell thurway exit, then northwest long Lackawnna, cross over Tift St. and the Buffalo River and conect to the 190 near Hamburg St.
05/14/2014 11:08PM
Pembroke NY
Pembroke, NY (very close to Batavia is the best location hands down. Plenty of cheap land and easy access from most areas in Buffalo. Would draw thousands of more people from the Rochester area....
05/15/2014 12:01AM
Joe T
Keep it where it is. Do any of you brain trusts know what it would be like to get 80,000 people out of Buffalo after a game. It would take all night. Plus they will rape people for parking!!!
05/15/2014 1:32AM
outer harbor
The outer harbor parks are used for only 3 months a year. It is dead the rest of the months with no activity. The dome football stadium with a convention center needs to be built there which will only inspire further development in the area.
05/15/2014 8:30AM
IF downtown or outer harbor
Then Joe T is right... parking will be a big concern and Ed's right - the roads there are inadeauate. But instead of laying more roads, lets extend the rail system along the routes he suggests, and use this as leverage to expand metro and public transit. Get people to park out in Springville or wherever and take the train in.
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