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Army Corps of Engineers Helping Gowanda Find Flooding Solutions

Gowanda, NY (WBEN) - The village of Gowanda is on alert again on Wednesday, as more rain means the threat of another flash flood is very real.

Much of the problem in Gowanda revolves around Thatcher Brook, which was a major cause of the widespread flooding in 2009. Gowanda Mayor Heather McKeever says the village is getting help to control the stream.

"We're working with the Army Corps of Engineers," McKeever said on Tuesday. "Everything takes time, but they've been very proactive in helping us since 2009, and we have a working relationship with them."

The Army Corps of Engineers says a feasibility study to address flood risk management solutions for Thatcher Brook will be initiated this summer. They say that Thatcher Brook is mapped as a floodplain, so residents and businesses surrounding it must be vigilant. The Corps plans to meet with Village officials and surrounding municipalities to discuss their study process and gather input on potential solutions.

According to the Corps, if a project is not pursued, Gowanda will continue to incur financial damages and threats to life and safety resulting from flood events.

The Army Corps of Engineers estimates the cost of the initial phase of reducing flood impact will be $1.3 Million. You can see a fact sheet from the Corps HERE.

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