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Buffalo Bills File Motion to Dismiss Jills Complaint

Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) - The Buffalo Bills Wednesday filed a motion to dismiss the claims against the team made by former Buffalo Jills complaining they worked hundreds of hours for free and were subjected to groping and sexual comments.  The company who operates the Jills announced last week that their operations were suspended.

In filing the motion to dismiss, the Bills say "we responded to these allegations as part of the legal process and remain confident in our position in the matter".

You can read the entire legal filing here.

The five former Jills claim they were paid well below the minimum wage for extensive game day work as well as community event appearances.

The lawsuit also contends the Jills were forced to endure degrading treatment as part of their mandatory participation in events like the Jills Swimsuit Calendar release party and the Jills Golf Tournament.

Former Jill Maria P. says the cheerleaders were also subject to a strict set of rules enforced by the Bills, Stejon and Citadel. "The team told us how to walk, talk, dress, speak and behave, both at work and on our own time," she explains.

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