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Kelly: New Stadium Key to Keeping Bills Here

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Bills Hall of Fame Quarterback has just become the latest voice to say the Bills need a new stadium to stay in Western New York.

“Someone is going to buy the team, we know that. In order to keep Western New York a viable home for the Buffalo Bills, building a new stadium is key. If the team moves, a new stadium will have to be built to house them, so it’s part of the equation no matter what. Let’s get together and support that. It's simple: no new stadium, no more Bills.

Kelly who is battling jaw cancer, made the remarks in a video about his condition, released by Jim Kelly Inc.  SEE THE VIDEOS BELOW

He emphasizes fan support of the team and the movement to build a new stadium may well make the difference between keeping and losing the Bills. “I first became a fan of the Buffalo Bills when I moved to Buffalo to play, but I quickly came to understand what it really meant to be a true fan of the Buffalo Bills. Bills fans here and across the country are fiercely loyal, through thick and thin. The Bills are in our blood,” says Kelly.

Kelly is also giving an endorsement of the Buffalo Fan Alliance, which has been active in helping to raise funds that could help keep the team in town, with a low interest loan to an owner who commits to Buffalo.

. “Fans who don’t know about the Buffalo Fan Alliance owe it to themselves to learn about this group,” said Kelly. “This organization exists to show everyone just how important the Bills are to the fans, and how key the fans are to the success  of the Bills, both on and off the field. The Buffalo Fan Alliance provides a central voice for fans, and a way to be involved in a national push to keep the team where they belong – right here in Buffalo.”


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