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Can Buffalo Ban Bon Jovi?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - While some Buffalo Bills fans are trying to simply keep the faith that the team will stay in Western New York, some are taking a more active approach, and one group says that Bon Jovi is a thorn in their side.

The Group, called 12th Man Thunder, is going the distance to make sure they will not be welcoming to Bon Jovi and his rumored ownership group.

"We started our 'Ban Bon Jovi' petition two days ago and that's caught fire. We have about 100 businesses signed up right now, and we are going to deliver posters to all of these bands, restaurants, bars, and DJs," said Charles Pellien of 12th Man Thunder.

What exactly does he mean by "Ban Bon Jovi?"

"They promised not to play Bon Jovi on their jukebox, no Bon Jovi from the DJs or the bands, and if Bon Jovi shows up at the bar they're going to lock the door on him."

That's right, If Bon Jovi happens to show up to a business who signed the pledge, they're not supposed to welcome him on a bed of roses, or even say have a nice day, the businesses pledge to kick him out, and say don't come back.

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