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The Search is on for Buffalo's Next Superintendent

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Members of the Buffalo Board of Education's Executive committee were scheduled last night to meet behind closed doors with the attorney who will represent the district in long-term talks to reach a departure agreement with Superintendent Pamela Brown.

Few details are public, but parents, teachers, students, and everyone paying attention to the ongoing drama  can expect to hear the latest developments on the future of the Superintendent position soon.

"This week I'm going to be talking to Board members about scheduling a special meeting, because I think it's time that we look at what kind of transition plan will be put in to place," said School Board President Barbara Nevergold, who will become a regular Board member in July.

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Lou Petrucci, former Buffalo Board of Education President
when the prior superintendent departed
The board's executive affairs committee was scheduled to met with Attorney Karl Kristoff on Wednesday evening, to apparently set down guidelines for the discussions with Brown (pictured above R) .

 If past history holds, Kristoff, who negotiated for the departure of Brown's predecessor James Williams, will start by getting a sense of board sentiment, before batting proposals back and forth between himself and Brown's attorney.

Nevergold said on Tuesday that nothing had been determined regarding Brown's exit, and the only certainty in the situation is that Brown would be leaving. It has been widely assumed that Brown would like to come to an agreement on her exit with the current board which supports her- rather than the one seated with new anti-Brown members on July 1.

Who replaces Brown? The answer will likely be an Interim Superintendent, who could be in place for a matter of months, or even years as the search for someone to permanently take the position goes on.

On Tuesday, Nevergold shared her vision for what qualities Buffalo's next Superintendent will have.

"We're looking for someone who has had experience in turning around schools and districts that are struggling," Nevergold said. "We're looking for an educator. Someone who's had the experience through the ranks."

Nevergold also said that whoever takes the job will need to be able to handle the discord that exists in the Buffalo district, so someone with experience in a similar situation may be better qualified than others.

She also addressed the idea shared by many that the next person to lead the district needs to be a Western New York native. "Buffalo is a difficult town to come in to. I think that's true almost regardless of what field you're in. I've heard some of the thought is that it should be a local person, and so I'm sure that we'll be looking locally. I don't know if we'll look externally at this point, but certainly locally."

Superintendent Brown announced her desire to resign from her post on May 16th. The next meeting of the Buffalo School Board is scheduled for May 28th at 5:30PM at City Hall.

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