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Police Misconduct Review Board Proposed

In light of two recent cases of possible police misconduct, Buffalo City Council President Darius Pridgen wants the city's Police Oversight Committee reinstated.

Pridgen cited two recent incidents in Buffalo as a reason for more police oversight, the alleged beating of an Air National Guardsman at a Main Street bar and the Black Rock incident where police were caught by cameras allegedly beating a handcuffed suspect who had already been subdued.

 Pridgen says many crimes in the city are solved because people come forward with information.  Pridgen said chaos will rein in the city if people don't have any trust ion the police department.

Pridgen said the purpose of the oversight committee will be building trust between police and the public,  not to spy on the police  
Friends and family of the New York Air National Guardsman who was seriously injured in an apparent push down a bar staircase are gathering for a prayer service at the start of Memorial Day observances.

 Tech Sgt. William Sager Jr. has been hospitalized since the May 11 incident at Molly's Pub in Buffalo.  Police say Sager, 28, suffered severe brain injuries when he was pushed down the stairs at Molly's Pub early on the morning of May 11. The bar's manager, 35-year-old Jeffrey Basil, was charged with assault last weekend and appears in court Friday.

The Buffalo Police  Dept. has suspended without pay two officers who were working off-duty jobs Molly's Pub.

Meanwhile, today, Sager's fiancee, Erika Webster, along with Sager's father and other service members say they'll gather at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park for a ceremony to offer prayers and support.
  The Buffalo Police Officer suspended after being seen on video apparently beating a handcuffed suspect will plead guilty in federal court.

Police officials say Officer John Cirulli has been suspended from duty without pay for violating departmental rules and regulations, and his attorney says he will plead guilty to 2 misdemeanor civil rights charges in federal court, and resign his job.

Originally scheduled for federal court Friday, the appearance has been postponed to an as of yet undetermined date. 
Officials say Cirulli has been identified as the officer who punched and kicked a 22-year-old man after he was handcuffed and lying face-down on the ground.
Cirulli was one of six officers placed on leave  after the incident . The move came after the police commissioner and Mayor Byron Brown were emailed copies of a video showing officers subduing a man and handcuffing him after a chase on the night of April 19.


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