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Lottery Players Getting Checked for ID More Often

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) When you plunk down your dollar for your dream, chances are you have to pull out your ID as well. The New York Gaming Commission says it's part of an educational initiative.

"We started working with stores and other venues to make sure they understood what the law was all about and help them implement the law," says Carolyn Hapeman of the Gaming Commission, reminding retailers only players 18 and older can buy a lottery ticket. "It's kind of a heads up for our customers they may be checked for ID. It's also good training for retailers so they can share with their employees the issue of underage gambling is important."

Hapeman says you always need an ID to claim a winning ticket, as the name must match the one of the back of the ticket. But in an age of snooping, will the state use the ID checks for any other purpose? "Our only purpose is to make sure retailers are complying with their license agreements and the law that says you can't sell a lottery ticket to anyone under 18," explains Hapeman.

Hapeman says it's up to retailers if they want to scan IDs.

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