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Bomb Squad Sent To Tonawanda Recruiting Station

Small scale neighborhood evacuations took place in the Town of Tonawanda, where the Erie County Bomb squad was called to investigate a suspicious package at an Armed Forces Recruitment Station on Sheridan Drive. The all clear was given just before 1:30 this afternoon.

Police say a male entered the Armed Forces recruiting station at 2820 Sheridan Drive and had a verbal confrontation with the Marine recruiter near 8:35 this morning.  He then left the building – leaving behind a suspicious bag and making a threatening remark. He also left his car behind.

Town of Tonawanda Police located the man on foot a short time later. He is undergoing an evaluation at ECMC. Police are in touch with the FBI to see if federal charges apply in this matter.

The Erie County Bomb Squad was notified to examine the bag and vehicle. The immediate area (residences and businesses) was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

This area of Sheridan Drive is located between Eggert Rd. and Parkhurst Blvd.


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