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A Little Perk-You-Up

This is a true feel-good story. Three-year-old Larina Chikitova somehow got separated from her dad and got lost in the coldest region of Siberia.
The temperatures were frigid. The woods were filled with wolves and bears.

But somehow, Larina was able to survive 11 days before being rescued – all thanks to her puppy, Kyrachann, who helped protect her and built a nest out of the tall grass in the area.

When rescuers finally found her, she had gotten extremely thin and was covered with mosquito bites and scratches. But, she remembers everything, especially how Kyrachann took care of her.

Check out this video shot shortly after they found her…


How long do you think it will take before Disney buys an option on the story and animates it?

I’ve got 48 hours in the Over/Under Pool.

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08/14/2014 11:07PM
A Little Perk-You-Up
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07/13/2015 10:31PM
So last week I heard about this on he radio specifically 106.5 the wolf. When it comes to pets I prefer rescues over purebred. I have a few stories about rescues. But I will keep it short and sweet. My parents went through a divorce when I was getting ready to start my teenage years. When I was 3 years old I got two shelties. Well my parents got them for my sister and I. Well after the divorce my dad originally took care of the dogs. But while I lived with my mother, we decided we missed them too much and asked for my dad to let my mother house the dogs and take over their care. Less than 6 months later- I decided to move in with my father because there was a lot of arguments with my mother. My dad already had bought a husky by that time and told my mother he couldn't afford 3 dogs. She agreed to keep them and take care of them. Well not much long, I called her and asked how she was doing and how the dogs were. She told me she gave the shelties away to an elderly couple that were retired- and traveled across the United States- and they had no phone number and no mailing address. Talk about fishy. To be honest- my father nor I realized she would do anything like that. Even though I was very hurt- I went on with my life. Those dogs I know for 10 years. They were my first dogs. My mother kept suprsing me more and more. She quit her job, let her house go into foreclosure and moved across the state with some random man she met. My mother was starting to sound like a stranger! A scary stranger! My father and I had bought one of the Huskies from petfinder.org from a rescue/military base. We always search for dogs on rescue sites. We love animals. One day I was at my grandmothers, and I was bored. I was getting ready to start my freshman year in high school. While at my grandmothers I decided to search the criteria of my old shelties. A miracle occurred that day and the bad taste and my mind came back. I knew my mother lied to me. I was used to lies from her at that point. I found our oldest sheltie! I called my dad and spoke to him told him- he told me to call and get our dog back. He just informed me one thing, that financially the dog would have to be my responsibility. I had a job in less than a month. But before that- I called the rescue and identified unique markings on him. Asked the lady where she found him, etc. it all added up. I was furious and happy. I was only 15 years old but yes I had every right to call my mother out on dumping my dogs!!! I spoke to the lady from the sheltie shack, she informed me about the other sheltie at the pound she was suppose to pickup as well but someone from Iowa already adopted her. I was sad that I couldn't get her back too but I understood the circumstances. The lady from the sheltie shack brought my dog back to where he belonged! He was an oldie- but he was such a good dog. Less than a year after getting him back, the sheltie shack contacted me about the new owner of the female sheltie that was already adopted. She ran into him while going to pickup more shelties. She gave me his emailed address and I contacted him. I could tell he was very happy with her as a pet and I didn't want to ask if I could have her back. But he was nice enough to keep contact with me and send pictures of her. Surprisingly she passed before the male and had an out of the blue aneurysm. The male sheltie seemed to slow down fast than the female sheltie as they grew old. That's why we were surprised she passed away first. I planned going up to visit her before she passed but it was too late. Unfortunately we had to visit her grave. Two socks and Shelby didn't get to live their life together as play mates as they should have been able to. If I had any idea my mother was capable of that I would have taken both of my dogs while I could! Two Socks lived until right before my graduation from high school. I saw his body was failing him as time grew. When Two Socks was young and lively he was considered an oversize sheltie pushing 30lbs. When I decided it was his time he weighed just below 20lbs. Two socks couldn't hear, had trouble seeing, had lots of trouble walking. My dad and I had to carry him up and down stairs to move around in the house and to take him outside. He was restless at night and could never get comfortable. That was the first major decision I had to make in my life. It was difficult, it was heartbreaking. But I knew Two Socks would be free of pain and be happy in heaven. There was one other thought that went through my head and that was Two Socks passed with a family around him that he recognized. He was loved so much and so was Shelby.
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