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WNY Veterans' Cemetery to Be in Pembroke

Washington, DC (WBEN) Pembroke will be the home of a new VA cemetery. Senator Charles Schumer says it's long overdue.

The cemetery will be located on a 132-acre parcel at 1232 Indian Falls Road, just north of the Pembroke Thruway exit. This Veterans’ Cemetery will be the first and only of its kind in the Buffalo-Rochester area. “This site selection is great news for the many thousands of deserving veterans living in Buffalo, Rochester, and beyond. With this new cemetery in Pembroke, these veterans and family members will be able to have a proper military burial near their homes in Western New York, and their families will be able to pay their respects without having to travel over 100 miles – something that can be a tremendous burden for many families,” said Schumer. “I am pleased that after four years of hard work, we finally have a site in place. After serving our country so valiantly, and for so many years, it is only appropriate that we develop a national shrine, on a beautiful piece of land right in our backyard, for our veterans’ final resting place.”

Schumer has long argued that it is critical for a veterans’ cemetery location to be located in Western New York and he has pushed the VA, as well as the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to decide on a site and conduct the necessary environmental reviews as quickly as possible.  Schumer says half of New York’s veterans are 65 years of age or older, and it’s long overdue to plan for the future of those veterans, and ensure that they are treated with the honor they deserve.  Schumer says he has heard from local veterans groups that veterans in Western New York desperately want to be buried in a national shrine, but don’t want to force their families to travel long distances to visit, potentially at great hardship to do so.  He adds some veterans have reported that families are delaying interring the cremated remains of their loved ones, with the intention of making this new cemetery their loved ones final resting place


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