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EZ Pass Coming to Niagara Falls Border Crossings

Lewiston, NY (WBEN) The convenience of EZ Pass to pay for tolls will come to Niagara Falls' border crossings later this summer. The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission is introducing EZ Pass payments to the Lewiston-Queenston, Rainbow and Whirlpool Bridges.

"The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission is committed to continually improving overall customer experience at our international bridge crossings," said Niagara Falls Bridge Commission General Manager Lew Holloway. "While our ExpressPass and NEXUS card toll payment programs have been highly successful, we view E-ZPass as another step forward and a convenient tool for motorists in our region. These electronic tolling programs also help reduce congestion and toll lane idling, which is an excellent added benefit of their deployment."

Niagara Falls Bridge Commission customers—most specifically those with ExpressPass, ExpressPass Commercial and NEXUS/Toll—are being notified of the availability of the E-ZPass program through a series of print and online communications, as well as updated plaza signage and toll booth placards. Upon program implementation, ExpressPass, ExpressPass Commercial, and NEXUS card holders who already have E-ZPass will be encouraged to cancel their current ExpressPass, ExpressPass Commercial and NEXUS/Toll accounts. Future tolls can then be paid through the existing E-ZPass transponder(s) issued to them for their vehicle(s).

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