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Celebrities, Friends Turn Out For Kelly Tournament

Batavia, N.Y. (AP/WBEN) -- Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly's battle against cancer kept him from attending his own charity fundraiser, but he had plenty of backups, including several fellow Hall of Famers.

Kelly remains at a Buffalo hospital, where he has been undergoing treatments for cancer that has spread into his maxillary sinus and adjacent tissues. He had to sit out Sunday night's reception for his 28th annual celebrity golf tournament, which has raised more than $5 million for Kelly's two charities.

The lineup of former teammates who turned out in support included Hall of Famers Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith, and former coach Marv Levy. Hall of Famers Dan Marino, Anthony Munoz and John Randle also attended.

This year is the first time Kelly was not present at the tournament, as his doctors advised against his attending. Former teammate Bruce Smith says Kelly was present in other ways, though. "He's here, trust me he's here," Smith said. "If he wasn't here we wouldn't be here. One of the first things that we're going to do after this tournament is over this afternoon, we're going straight to the hospital before we take off. We love him to death, it's sad and unfortunate but he needs us right now."

While much of the focus was on supporting Kelly in his battle with cancer, there was another big topic on many minds.

"I've heard Batavia might be a point. Downtown on the waterfront, I think that'd be a great place," said former Bill Phil Hansen on the prospect of a new stadium for the team.

Soon to be Hall of Fame receiver Andre Reed didn't seem too concerned with the question of where to put a stadium. "If they're going to give them a stadium, wherever it's going to be, if it's going to be downtown or wherever, I'm sure it's going to be worked out. As long as the team stays here, they can put it right in the middle of Lake Erie, I don't care."

Kelly's celebrity golf tournament was held Monday at the Terry Hills Golf Course in Batavia.

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