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Kryk: Niagara "Supergroup" Could Boost Bills Bidding

The Toronto Sun hints that a possible "super group" might emerge with enough clout to buy the Bills, and possibly set up shop in Niagara Falls.

 The paper indicates that the current Toronto-backed bid co-led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum might join forces with the sons of Jeremy Jacobs. The article then wonders what such a large, well-monied group would mean to bidding for the Bills, and suggests costs would soar.

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The  speculative piece, written by columnist John Kryk, also says that rather than plug for a move to Toronto, the group could then possibly pitch a Niagara Falls, NY site - on land owned by developer Howard Milstein.

"And what if this new super group were to emphatically endorse the construction of a new Bills stadium not in Canada, and not in Buffalo or surrounding Erie County, but rather in downtown Niagara Falls, N.Y? Say, on the 142-acre property owned by billionaire developer Howard Milstein that's literally a short walk from Canada?

"That could be a game-changer in all this," a reliable, informed source close to the process told QMI Agency (the Toronto Sun's news syndicate)  on condition of anonymity."

 Kryk also writes that Donald Trump is being taken far less seriously as a potential Bills buyer, than is former Sabres Owner Tom Golisano:

"Although buzz continues to emanate from Western New York that there could be a slew of bidders -- that a parade of tire-kickers already has inquired with the Bills or Erie County over the past two months -- it's quite possible a bidding frenzy might not result.

"Right now there don't appear to be many bidders on the U.S. side," the source said. "(Donald) Trump is not being taken seriously. (Thomas) Golisano is.

"But what if Bon Jovi went to (New York state) governor (Andrew) Cuomo and said, 'All this talk about us relocating the team to Toronto is bull----. I will make a deal with you right now -- let's build a new stadium as part of a tourist site in Niagara Falls (N.Y.)"

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