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Tim & Margaret Terrill sent a photo of these raccoon babies living under a neighbor's deck in East Amherst

VIDEO: Deer in John Zach's Colden Backyard
 If you can safely snap a picture of bears in your neighborhood, you can share it on WBEN.com, by sending them to newsroom@wben.com or texting to 30930, and be sure to include a locator.
Near 7 pm Monday night, the Lancaster Police Department posted these photos of the bear, with this cautionary statement , on thier Facebook page.

Within the last hour we have received multiple reports of a black bear seen in the area of Fox Valley Country Club on Genesee Street. These sightings were confirmed by our officers. Residents are urged to keep children and pets inside and call Lancaster Police at 683-2800 if you observe the bear.
The attached photos were taken of the bear eating out of a resident's bird feeder.

Then later Monday night, the Lancaster Police also posted these two photos, location not specified.

IS IT LEGIT? Here's one more that Traffic Command's Alan Harris found on Facebook, posted by a homeowner in Florida


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