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School Board Meets for an Hour, has "Nothing to Show for It"

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - In an hour long meeting to discuss a transition plan for an Interim Superintendent, the Buffalo School Board agreed to have a future meeting to discuss a transition plan for an Interim Superintendent.

If that sounds to you like nothing was accomplished, you're not alone.

"Nothing," Board member Jason McCarthy said when asked what was accomplished by the meeting. "We have nothing to show for it right now. We have an agreement to move forward with a job description."

The Board spent 50 minutes of their hour-long special meeting mostly bickering, and seemed to be aware of the fact too. "I would just like to point out this is the second meeting where this board has come together to come to a process and we're no closer to coming to an agreement on a process," said board member John Licata during the meeting.

Board President Barbara Nevergold did think that there was some positive progress in the meeting's last ten minutes, when the Board agreed that for their next meeting, they would like to have a general job description for an Interim Superintendent. She also noted that theirs isn't the only public meeting that can be contentious. "I'd like to see the Board meeting out in Hamburg and I wonder what Board members had to say about that, and community members had to say about that. I understand people certainly have to shake their heads sometimes at what they see."

"What we were trying to do today was, you know, how do you create a process to look for and identify potential candidates to be Interim Superintendent, and we didn't even get there," said Board member Jim Sampson.

During the meeting, McCarthy brought forth the idea to have the Board's Executive Committee which consists of McCarthy, Nevergold, and Theresa Harris-Tigg, plus Jim Sampson, who many presume to be the Board's next President, form a small committee that would come up with a list of qualifications that would be used to select candidates for the position of Interim Superintendent. The motion to form the committee failed.

The board then spent the next ten minutes debating a resolution that would include the entire board in those discussions, before coming to the realization that a resolution would not be necessary for that to happen.

There is still no word from current Superintendent Pamela Brown on when she plans to step down.

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