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Racist Video Goes Global

Woman caught in racist rant apologizes... sort of, but not before viral video of her anger brings worldwide coverage

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An N-word laced rant captured on video in a Cheektowaga parking lot has sparked a lot of conversation about racism, with coverage from Atlanta to  New Zealand. 

The video shows a woman making racist remarks toward a man she claims nearly struck her kids with his vehicle. The man says all he did was start his car.

The woman, identified in various media reports as Janelle Ambrosia called Channel Two News to apologize, saying "I am deeply sorry for my offensive behavior and the ignorant statements that I made," while also saying that she doesn't view the N-Word as something particularly racist,  and instead sees it as a way to say someone is being ignorant. 

BELOW: Read Some of the Commentary Worldwide.


  Comments From Facebook.com/WBEN930
-- She is a disgusting human being and wins the White Trash Mother of the Year Award.

Am I the only one who's seen this video and thinks both of them are idiots?

--There's Left, there's Right, then there's ignorant big-mouthed racist scumbags who shouldn't be allowed to procreate.

-- I get freedom of speech and all I do but she admitted this started over this man who started his car and scared her child, lol. With a super classy mom of the year like that I'm sure they have endured scarier lol

-- I wonder if the husband showed up. The guy with the camera seemed to be handling this in a very classy way. Well done, sir. The real victims here are her kids.

-- Wish I could have seen this unfold from the start and not halfway through. Hard to know what's true with these videos

-- !! we are only seeing half the story...what happened to set her off???? maybe it was all justified......as Al Sharton (sic) said its ok if only directed at one person! hahahaha!!

-- What could possibly justify a mother acting like this in front of her children?

-- Why didn't the guy just leave?

-- I'm not saying what she did was right but if you turn the tables and a black chick was calling a white guy honky, cracker, or peckerwood there wouldn't be any controversy its OK to say racist things to white people but not to black people. And that's not right

-- If you think people like this are going away your crazy, there will always be a few crazy.
This lady should be ignored, she shouldn't be allowed to own a computer much less be on YouTube...

-- Racism IS alive and will never die. People of all color are are guilty of this so don't let one video make a certain color look like the only ones. And her color is IGNORANCE, that's all

-- She obviously is not a sane person. She definitely made a bad situation worse with her antics... She could of handled things better in front of the kids. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a visit from child protective services with all the publicity they've been getting lately too. Definitely an embarrassment to the area and what kind of person uses "you know how many cops I've stripped for" as an argument? There should have been a LIFEGUARD on duty for that gene pool. Smh.

The Independent, a British national newspaper similar in scope to USA Today ran a story of the video, under the headline: "Racism is alive and well': Video of woman's appalling N-word rant in car park surfaces"

The New Zealand Herald reprinted the same story, under the headline:" Appalling racist rant caught on tape"

Johannesburg's Sunday World: "Woman berates man with sick racist attack in front of her children

The Huffington Post includes a commentary that puts the video on a long list including rants from Donald Sterling, rancher Clive Bundy, Donald Trump and even Madonna: " Ambrosia also isn't the only person who thinks it's acceptable to say nigger simply because black people do -- Madonna did exactly this when she posted a photo of her 13-year-old son with the hashtag #disnigga back in January.

AllVoices.com has a similar take on the prevalence of racism "In the last six months, we have been practically inundated with a stream of publicly uttered anti-black remarks, comments from the expected Tea Party types to those who regularly imbibe Fox News, right wing politicians (and wannabe politicians), to well known and respected entertainers. But we haven't lately heard much from the average “Joe” or “Jane” on the street during this period.Until now.
The Atlanta Black Star: "We don’t see what happens before the video starts, but both he and the woman seem to agree that the confrontation was sparked when the man started his car and scared the woman’s children. Regardless, what is captured on video is ugly and unmistakably racist: “I called you a n*****,” the woman shrieks. “You’re a n*****. Nasty f****** n*****.”

 Jezebel.com is one of several sites to reprint tweets from Ambrosia's purported twitter account, one later disclaimed as parody: "The worst part about this entire mess is that instead of recognizing that she's done something wrong, Janelle Ambrosia has doubled down and now that MTV has contacted her (according to her latest tweet) it's unlikely that she will learn anything from her behavior or this experience. But you know, she's in titled to her own opinion."

UrbanMecca.com “Racism is alive and well. Amazing,” says a man during the rant.It definitely is.This type of behavior is appalling and to make matters even worse, it was all done in front of her two small children.

"Opposing Views.com is one of several sites nationwide to quote, and include an interview that Janelle Ambrosia gave to Buffalo's WBLK radio :" “I’m not a racist,” said Ambrosia. “I have a black cousin. He just pissed me off, I’m bipolar. Quite frankly, if you look it up, n------- means an ignorant person. It has nothing to do with race, but it’s okay for him to call me a cracker and a honky though. That’s racist.”

“I’m really not a racist, I was just pissed off,” added Ambrosia. “Am I supposed to apologize? Oh yeah, I’ll apologize for him almost him almost hitting my kids and losing my temper.”

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