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When "Made in America" Can't Always Be the Case

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) You'd love to have your business make everything in America. But one local CEO says that's not always possible.

"To save jobs initially in your company, because you want it to survive, it's important to find the most cost effective product you can assemble," explains Robert Stevenson, CEO and President of Eastman Machine. Sometimes, that means going overseas to get products and sometimes send jobs overseas to be competitive.

Stevenson says labor costs have increased overseas, and that means it's more competitive to consider bringing back jobs here, "but at the same time it would be foolish to ignore the fact you can buy something you can use for your product overseas at a cheaper cost, it's worth looking into that option."

Stevenson says Buffalo and Western New York are in the hub of exporting,  along with Canada and Europe and the Far East. That exporting, he says, can lead to retaining jobs here.

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