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No Charges Filed in Racist Rant

Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) Cheektowaga Police say no charges will be filed in the racist rant caught on video.

Assistant Chief Jim Speyer says investigators spoke with the DA's office, and "there is not enough to rise to the level of a crime. Although we feel it's disgusting and out of line, for us we have to determine whether there's a crime, but after consulting with the DA's office we've determined there is not."

Speyer says you get outraged when you see the video, "but while she overreacted, we can't do what she did ourselves. We have to look at the facts and the actions and make a determination based on the law, and only on the law."

Speyer says the lesson is "we're each other's keepers and at least in Cheektowaga this is something we can't candone but (racism) is out there."

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