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Mystery Money Craze Hits Buffalo

The Mystery Money Movement has made its way to Buffalo with more clues expected to be unveiled today at noon.

Here's the post likely to kick off the search Tuesday, in the Buffalo version of the nationwide pay-it-forward scavanger hunt.

Over the weekend, a person or group began leaving clues to cash and prizes on Twitter - under  @MysteryMoneyBuf. Sunday's  giveaway was $150 in cash and a pair of Bills tickets.
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Paul Billoni, Colvin Cleaners
Colvin Cleaners president Paul Billoni tells WBEN one of his employees is behind the effort, putting it forth as a a way to celebrate being named best dry cleaner in Buffalo by Artvoice.

The Mystery Money Buffalo Twitter account says they will give away $1,000 in one month.

The idea of a scavenger hunt to find hidden treasure began with a California real estate developer who hid a cash-stuffed envelope in San Francisco in an effort, he said, to give back to the community that made him wealthy.

 Using the Twitter handle HiddenCash he began leaving envelopes containing $100 bills around San Francisco on Friday. TheTwitter persona directed people to envelopes with $50 and $100 inside them.

The original California cash-dropper says his giveaways are a "social experiment for good.

  Since then, the idea has sprouted among a handful of U.S. cities.  By the midle of last week,  a similar effort called HiddenCashCO had popped up in Boulder. An anonymous group hid envelopes containing $40 cash and tweeted clues to their locations.

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