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Buffalo School Board Accepts Pamela Brown's Resignation, Appoints Interim

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Just a few days past her second anniversary on the job, Buffalo School Superintendent Pamela Brown has officially resigned from her post.

Will Keresztes, the Chief of Student Support will assume day to day operations of the district on a temporary basis, until a longer term interim Superintendent is selected in early July.

Board members approved a settlement agreement, and the Kerezstes promotion during a special board meeting on Monday evening.

"I was all for Will," said board member Jason McCarthy. "He's worked in the district from a Principal right up to an administrator. He was an associate Superintendent under Williams. He has historical and institutional knowledge. He gets things done, which is really the most important thing."

As part of her resignation agreement, Brown will recieve one year's salary. Board member Carl Paladino voted against the agreement. "I'm happy about going forward and closing that book, but I do not like the resignation agreement that was jammed down our throats," Paladino told WBEN.

Paladino says the resignation agreement includes a letter of recommendation from the board for any future job Brown may apply to, and that the letter was written not by the board, but by Brown.

Paladino - who recruited candidates that will give his reform minded coalition a majority beginning in July, says a meeting of the board will be held on July 7 to select an interim superintendent who could help launch a range of reforms over he next few years.

Among the names that have been floated for that position are recently retired Erie 1 BOCES Supt. Donald Ogilvie, and former Blue Cross Blue Shield CEO Alfonso O'Neill White.

Brown was hired to the Superintendent's post On June 13, 2012.

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