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Plans for Niagara Gorge Police Station Suspended

Niagara Falls, NY (AP/WBEN) - New York state has put on hold plans for a park police station overlooking the Niagara River Gorge after complaints that the public should have access to the spot.
State officials say work on the police station will stop at the state-owned vacant land near the Rainbow Bridge in the city of Niagara Falls while they seek public input, but crews are continuing with remediation work there.

Is a new Police Station necessary? Congressman Brian Higgins says that's something he hopes the state will take a look at. "That's why the state is pulling back a little bit, to take another look at it, which is a wise decision. They will make a determination as to whether or not they need an additional facility," Higgins told WBEN. "If they do, hopefully they'll be able to find a site that's not right on the parkland, but in close proximity to it, and I'm confident they'll be able to do that."

The proposed police station will replace the current one on Goat Island in the Niagara River.
Tourism and elected officials objected to the gorge location, saying they've worked hard to improve public access to the Niagara Falls waterfront. The efforts include convincing the state to remove part of the Robert Moses Parkway along the gorge.

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