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Delano Discusses DeJac Peters Case

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The retired Cold Case detective who helped exonerate Lynn DeJac Peters in 2007 recalled going over the evidence with Tom Bauerle Wednesday afternoon. DeJac Peters served 13 years in prison for the murder of her daughter Crystallynn Girard.

Dennis Delano says the "a-ha moment" came when he looked at crime scene photos. "I could not picture a mother leaving her child in that condition. Even if she did it, it made no sense to me," says Delano. "Once we discovered the timeline, it was virtually impossible for her to do this, and I said that at the time. Crystallynn could over power (Lynn) very easily."

Delano says evidence from two other homicides determined the Crystallynn Girard death timeline just didn't fit. "We made arrangements to speak with Lynn in a conference call. I asked her questions and she sounded very genuine, and I believed her. We looked into it further and none of the facts added up," recalled Delano.

Delano says he kept in touch with DeJac Peters and her family. "She was okay with (terminal cancer). Chuck Peters said it best, in one way she would go home to be with Crystallynn and Jesus Christ," notes Delano. "I could take some satisfaction that she could have some time with her kids. It wasn't much but it was something."

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