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AMBER Alert in Rochester Over, Police Say NOT an Abduction

Rochester, NY (WBEN) An AMBER Alert has ended in the Rochester area. The subject of the alert has been found safe, but now .

Greece Town PD activated the AMBER Alert after confirming a child abduction that occurred at 10am Monday morning. "Once information was obtained, we activated the AMBER Alert. Around 2pm, she was located safe and sound alone, with the vehicle, and was unharmed," says Sgt. Jared Rene of the Greece PD. "At this point, our agency can rule out an abduction, she was not abducted."

Rene says 16 year old Cassidy Geffert was being checked out medically as a precaution. How all this transpired remains under investigation. Rene says the possibility of a hoax has not been ruled out nor has the possibility of charges against Geffert.

Rene says his agency was questioned about the use of AMBER Alert if it turned out not to be an abduction. "It was of use to us, and it ultimately helped us find her, and her safety was our prime concern," says Rene.

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