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Tower Crane Installed at 250 Delaware

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Thursday morning on the corner of Delaware and Chippewa, the final section of a tower crane was assembled, meaning that the heavy lifting on the new 12 story mixed-use building that will be the new home to Delaware North Companies will begin soon.

"Steel will start to rise next week, perhaps as early as Monday," said Jill Pawlick of Uniland Development. "The core and shell will be completed about this time next year."

The building will include a hotel and retail space in addition to the main offices. A parking ramp facing South Elmwood Avenue will be completed between August and October of next year.

"What's important about this project is the transformation of this very important city intersection. The corner of Delaware and Chippewa is going to be transformed, and I think the community is going to be better for it."


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