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"And the Worst President Since WW II Is....."
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07/02/2014 1:17PM
And the Worst President Since WW II Is.....
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07/02/2014 2:43PM
Wow that article says it all. Unfortunately, he wasn't good after the first 4 years so who are the foolish voters who thought we should give him another 4 years. Certainly not me. I didn't vote for him either election! And he is going to make sure he screws up our country but good before he exits office.
07/02/2014 4:14PM
George W Bush
Easily. The damage his crime spree caused will take generations to repair.
07/02/2014 5:30PM
You don't have to limit yourselves to post WWII
George W Bush. Followed by James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Warren Harding. But shrub stands alone as by far the worst President this country has ever suffered through.
07/02/2014 9:00PM
Bush, of course
He gave us the unspeakable evil that is Richard Cheney.
07/03/2014 9:44AM
Worst but also fourth best
Didn't see that mentioned. For some reason. Also too 1,385,000 jobs created in 2014 as 10 million Americans gained health insurance. You won't hear those numbers on WBEN. For some reason.
07/03/2014 1:03PM
Learn from Mistakes!
Hopefully, the American people will not make the same mistake again, and the country will be able to recover and rebound.
07/04/2014 10:42PM
Smoke screen
1,385,000 jobs created in 2014? Majority are part time minimum wage jobs with no benefits. 10 million Americans gained health insurance? really? let's see how many pay the first premium.
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