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3 Town of Tonawanda Police Officers Credited with Saving Colleague

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) Quick action by three Town of Tonawanda Police officers helped save the life of one of their own.

On June 16th, Captain Joseph Carosi says 44 year old Officer Kevin Zuchlewski suffered "sudden cardiac arrest" in the locker room of the police station after exercising in the department's gym. Zuchlewski immediately lost consciousness; he was in a part of the locker room that  isn’t “on the beaten path”.

"We're talking a 75 foot distance from where Officer Zuchlewski was and where Officer Ryan Taber had walked in," says Carosi. "Taber heard labored breathing and discovered Zuchlewski, screaming for help."

Captain Frank McNamara and Detective Thomas Oswald rushed to aid. Carosi says McNamara and Taber, not finding a pulse, began chest compressions while Oswald sought out a AED.

Upon hooking Zuchlewski up to the AED, a shock was administered. Oxygen was given. Town Paramedics responded and Twin City Ambulance arrived.
Zuchlewski underwent quintuple bypass surgery – the event was caused by poor blood flow to the heart. He is currently recovering well.
Zuchlewski wishes to have the Officers who saved his life be recognized. That recognition is set for Wednesday afternoon.


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