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Busy Time for Fireworks Pros

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) You may be off for the 4th of July tomorrow, but it's go time for fireworks pros. Matt Shaw of Skylighters of WNY is one of them.

"We have 25 shows in Western New York for the 4th of July, and 49 shows this week," says Shaw, who at least won't go it alone. "This week, most of those guys are working full time. There's a non profit organization for people interested in fireworks called the Western New York Pyrotechnics Association, and that's where I find them."

Shaw says safety is key, not just for spectators, but for workers. "We have a fallout zone to keep spectators away, and our workers have fire retardant suits, face shields, hard hats and ear plugs. There is fail rate, but so far, no issues," explains Shaw.

Shaw says to be a professional pyrotechnician you need permits. To get the permits, you need to do hands on training.

Shaw adds fireworks aren't just for the 4th anymore. "We have birthday parties, graduation parties, weddings, summer and winter carnivals, and New Year's Eve," says Shaw, when it comes to fireworks requests.

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