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Sunday WBEN News Roundup

(WBEN) Buffalo firefighters helped evacuate the Colter Bay Grill this past evening, according to Time Warner Cable News. Several patrons reported having irritated throats, leading to speculation that someone's pepper spray discharged.

(WBEN) There were two arrests reported in Cheektowaga, during their fireworks display at the Town Park Friday night. It was part of a general pattern of rowdiness that is imperiling the celebration in the future. Assistant Police Chief James Speyer reportedly said they will take a good serious look at it."

(WBEN) A man was shot inside a William Street bar near Jefferson. Buffalo Police report a 29-year-old male was shot inside the nightclub in the 400 block of William. The victim was taken to ECMC, where he last was listed in critical condition.

(WBEN) A fatal argument in the Broadway - Fillmore neighborhood of Buffalo -- City police say a couple got into a heated argument in their Concord Street home early Saturday morning. A 34-year-old man was stabbed and killed by his girlfriend. There have been no arrests, and the incident is under investigation.

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