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Bills Sale Timeline Could Be Quick

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As potential buyers go over sales date for the NFL and the Buffalo Bills, the timeline for a sale could happen rather quickly.

John Kryk of the Toronto Sun says potential bidders have until July 29th to indicate whether they will place a bid. "There are no sure bids and you won't know that because of the non-disclosure agreement," says Kryk. "They'll place initial bids at some point, and then the trust will determine finalists, with a final date, and the process could move quickly."

Kryk notes it's important to understand the trust is in control. "The trust can end this process, change this process at anytime. There are no rules or governance compelling the trust to have a strict timetable it must abide by," expains Kryk. He says if the trust likes a bid or a bidder, it can end the process right then and there.

Kryk does not anticipate anything official until the end of the process. But one thing is almost certain: whoever buys the Bills will be doing so under the presumption the team stays in Buffalo.

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