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Central Police Services Helps Localities When Major Crime Happens

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - You may have seen their equipment, or heard the name, but what exactly is Central Police Services?

"We act as a support agency to all other law enforcement agencies in Western New York, particularly in Erie County," said Central Police Services Commissioner John Glascott. "Any time a law enforcement agency or law enforcement officer needs support, we provide that to the best of our abilities."

The service works handles 911 calls, record management, and boasts a full-service forensics laboratory. Glascott says that having all of those resources in one place is an efficient way for law enforcement to conduct business.

"When an arrest is made for cocaine, those drugs come here where our chemists analyze that, prove that's cocaine, and testify in court. If every agency in Erie County had to have their own drug-analysis unit, that would become prohibitively expensive."

Central Police Services is particularly valuable when it comes to investigating major crimes such as homicide. "The DNA testing, that's all done here. So if there's a homicide in Erie County, that law enforcement agency provides the swabs or DNA evidence to our labs, which do the analysis."

They can also provide on-scene support to help not only in the analysis of DNA evidence, but in collection, so that none of it is compromised and can still be used in court. All of the DNA technology available right here in Western New York is invaluable when it comes to solving major crimes, where time is often a factor.

"When we work on DNA testing our turnaround, especially on a major case, can be a matter of a few days to a couple of weeks. Compared to if you had to send samples to Albany or to a private entity to be analyzed, it would probably take much longer."

It's not just Erie County either, Central Police Services will also help Niagara County agencies by analyzing DNA in their labs when needed.

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