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Higgins: Infrastructure Key Component to Outer Harbor

Washington, DC (WBEN) As forums begin on Outer Harbor development, Congressman Brian Higgins says infrastructure must also be discussed.

In comments made on the House floor, Higgins stressed the need for public access to the water and infrastructure improvements to be a part of the discussion. 

“Likewise, putting in place the infrastructure to bring Western New Yorkers to the water’s edge at the Outer Harbor will open it up to public access and private development. A good start would be to remove the structurally deficient Skyway bridge and to build a new pedestrian-friendly Buffalo Harbor Bridge, which is now in its final stages of environmental review," says Higgins during his one minute speech. “Buffalo has several waterfront master plans that each say the same thing: get to work. The attraction to Buffalo’s waterfront is the water itself, and it’s our responsibility to build the infrastructure to make that vision a reality.”

The first forum is today at WNED studios, with another scheduled for tomorrow at Makowski Early Childhood Center, and Saturday morning at Old First Ward Community Center.

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