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"What Should Buffalo Put On The Outer Harbor?"
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07/10/2014 6:45AM
What Should Buffalo Put On The Outer Harbor?
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07/10/2014 9:33AM
Giant Trump statue
"He is our hero and we worship him devoutly" - WBEN audience
07/10/2014 2:44PM
container port most infrastructure is in place might need to expand the rails into the area
07/10/2014 2:54PM
International Village
An international village should be developed that represents the different immigrant groups who settled Buffalo. The area would have restaurants, shops, festivals, carriage rides in the summer, sleigh rides in the winter...
07/10/2014 3:36PM
Harbor Project Idea
A Planetarium and Climate Change Center (not just a political platform but a real center). This is a current idea, but even the structure itself can make a difference. I have heard plans of this before and the idea and putting a 8-10 story spherical structure (like Disney's EPCOT) would REALLY stand out on the skyline itself and say "Buffalo is ready for the future." There's a group in place with knowledge and some resources to run it already, they just need a home.
07/10/2014 8:33PM
Just look at Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Fell's point if you want ideas
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