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FILE - This Aug. 10, 2012 file photo shows a large cattle ranch along the U.S. and Mexico border that has a portion of land protected by an imposing border fence, but it ends here, where a small barbed-wire fence takes over, in Nogales, Ariz. A major U.S. effort to discourage repeated attempts by immigrants to enter the country illegally by flying and busing them into Mexico hundreds of miles away from where they were caught, but government statistics and interviews with migrants in Mexican shelters sugge

Collins Opposed to Emergency Immigration Spending

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Count Congressman Chris Collins among those opposed to President Obama's $3.7 billion emergency request for the border crisis. Collins is also offering up a suggestion to send home the thousands of unaccompanied minors.

"We should not be relocating unaccompanied minors to upstate New York or other states other than Arizona and Texas," says Collins. "The president needs to deal with the situation where they are and work with the other countries to get these kids back to where they belong."

Collins calls Obama's request a way to get around budget caps already approved by the House and Senate. "There's things he can do with the National Guard, and there's money he already has that can be allocated," notes Collins.

What's his solution? "The right solution is to mobilize the National Guard, make sure we're moving border agents to the Arizona and Texas borders and close (the borders) off," suggests Collins.

Collins says the message needs to be sent soon--the quicker these children are sent back to their home countries, the quicker families will learn the US won't care for them

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