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Dems Question Astorino's Work for Radio Firm

(AP/WBEN) -- Democrats are criticizing Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino over work he does for a national radio conglomerate, saying it may violate ethics rules.

The Westchester County Executive makes about $30,000 a year advising Townsquare Media on station programming. Astorino is a former radio producer.

Mike Morey, spokesman for a group organized by Westchester Democrats, says the county charter requires the executive to be a full-time staffer.

Astorino says he cleared the contract with the county attorney three years ago and has always reported the job on his annual financial disclosure forms. He says it doesn't interfere with his county work.

Townsquare Media owns more than 300 radio stations, including more than 35 in New York.

The New York Daily News reported late Friday that Democratic party county lawmakers plan to initiate an investigation. The report cited Democrats who criticized Astorino for going to a subordinate for approval instead of the ethics board. They say residents have a right to know how many hours he's working that could be "taking away from his duties as county executive."

Astorino told a Binghamton radio station that it is the "biggest non-story" of the campaign.

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