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Ridesharing Apps Gain Popularity, Face Speedbumps

Buffalo, NY (WBEN/AP) - On Monday, a State Supreme Court Judge decided to allow the ridesharing app Lyft to continue to operate in Western New York.

Authorities had alleged that Lyft began operating in Buffalo and Rochester without authorizations in April is currently violating various licensing and insurance laws.

What exactly is Lyft? Co-Founder John Zimmer shared his vision with CBS News. "You can imagine a future where you can step out of your house, request a Lyft, pick up someone else who's going to the same office as you. You get there for a few bucks. Basically, we're rebuilding public transportation by the people, for the people with a system that is needed today."

"We connect riders with drivers for safe, affordable, reliable transportation," said Taylor Bennet of Uber, a similar ridesharing app. "There are opportunities for riders to, at the click of a button, have on demand transportation anywhere, anytime."

Bennett says that one navigating local licensing and insurance laws can be one of the major hurdles for ridesharing programs. "In a lot of these cities, a lot of these transportation regulations were developed in a time when smartphones and mobile apps just simply weren't imagined, so they're antiquated and they don't apply to technology companies like Uber that offer an innovative solution."

The State Supreme Court's Decision means Lyft has to put off it's New York City launch, but will continue to operate in Buffalo, where Uber says it will look to expand to in the future.

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