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Closing Arguments in Cartagena Trial

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Trial of Candace Cartagena is in closing arguments.

Assistant DA Tom Finnerty calls Candace Cartagena the murderer of her daughter Bianca. He compared Candace to a ticking time bomb.

Defense attorney Joseph Terranova says there is reasonable doubt and Cartagena should be found not guilty.

The final witness for the prosecution was Dr. Kim Collins, a forensic pathologist from South Carolina. Collins testified the absence of oral injurires mean nothing in asphyxia deaths.

Cartagena's lawyer says 8 year old Bianca Cartagena died of cardiomyopathy, but Collins says she's never heard of a case of a healthy child with no clinical symptoms of cardiomyoptahy dying of it.

Cartagena is accused of suffocating her daughter.

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