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Hit and Run Incidents Difficult for Investigators

Evans, NY (WBEN) - It's been seven months since the hit and run accident that took Barry Moss' life in the Town of Evans, and police are still looking for the evidence needed for a trial.

"We had a person, the owner of the vehicle, that we submitted all the information to the District Attorney's office," said Evans Police Chief Ernest Masullo. "They put it throught the Grand Jury, and at the end of the day the Grand Jury felt there was not enough evidence to indict the person we submitted."

The person police suspect is Gabriele Ballowe. She has been the only suspect named, and is currently the subject of a civil lawsuit.

How difficult is it to gather evidence in a hit and run?

Tom Onions is the owner of Crash Technologies, which specializes in accident reconstruction. "Hit and run accidents unfortunately are fairly common," Onions said. "They're really all about physical evidence."

"If it's a fatality, autopsies should be attended by the investigator. It's possible to look at the injuries and match them up to bumper height and the contour of the vehicle."

Onions says that although many of his methods are highly scientific, the evidence he gathers is very useful. "Juries are very receptive because they see more and more of it on television where jurors are more likely to pick up information, and it interests them, so when they get to see it in real life they're pretty attentive."

Meanwhile back in Evans, police are still asking people for any tips on the death of Barry Moss and they say new information has begun to trickle in. "That could lead to the indictment of a new person," Masullo said. "We're in the very early stages of processing the new information we're receiving and we have to have compelling new evidence before the judge would look at the case again."

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