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Attack Ads Start Early in Gubernatorial Campaign

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Chances are you've seen attack ads aimed at Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino on TV within the past few weeks, but are the ads hurting or helping Astorino's campaign?

"He's using Astorino's name over and over again in front of many, many voters, most of whom didn't even know who he was," said political strategist Michael Caputo. "It's kind of a gamble on the Governor's part."

It may be a gamble, but ultimately Caputo thinks it will pay off mainly because of Astorino's lack of funds.

"I believe that Rob Astorino is worried that he's going to be defined at a time when he absolutely has no money to answer," said Caputo, who has experience running a campaign against Governor Andrew Cuomo. "When somebody puts a negative ad up about you in politics, you put an answer up immediately. You never let a negative go unanswered because when you do that, you're on your heels and not on your toes. Now we have Rob Astorino on his heels because he can't afford to answer. If he would answer, he would squander any money that he's got and not be able to use it at the end when it really matters."

Caputo says Cuomo could simply win the November election by not brining up Astorino's name, but he thinks that the Governor wants to win big over his challenger. He thinks a big win by Cuomo would give him the confidence to chase the White House in 2016.

See an ad example:


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