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How Cabela's Will Open in WNY When Bass Pro Failed

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) One veteran business reporter says the deal to bring Cabela's to the region when Bass Pro couldn't break ground on the waterfront is an apples and oranges scenario.

"Cabela's is going on their own dime to an established retailing district," says Jim Fink of Buffalo Business FIrst, referring to its location across from Walden Galleria. Unlike Bass Pro, Fink says Cabela's did not need government approvals or funding, which sunk Bass Pro's bid for what is now Canalside. "Bass Pro was reliant on public funding, it was entering virgin territory and was controversial from day one," explains Fink. "Obviously if Bass Pro really wanted to be here it would have been on Niagara Falls Boulevard or Walden Avenue, but it was force-fed Buffalo. It would have been nice if it worked but it didn't."

Fink says what we've learned about the area is interesting, and could help Cabela's as it opens its first New York store. "This area has one of the highest concentrations of hunting and fishing licenses in the country," says Fink. "It's a stealth industry not many people know about. That's why Eastern Mountain Sports is here, Gander Mountain is here, Field and Stream wants to be here," notes Fink.

Cabela's opens for business next month.


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