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Hamburg Supt. Richard Jetter, and a student rally earlier this year to support his policies (From district Twitter/Facebook pages)

Hamburg Super Admits Lie; Seeks Help

Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - As the Hamburg Board of Education met to place school superintendent Richard Jetter on leave Wednesday, he was reportedly at Village Police headquarters confessing to lying about vandalism that earlier had been attributed to district residents, upset about months of controversy over board practices.

On Thursday, Village Police served Jetter with a criminal summons

From Village Police:

The Village of Hamburg Police have served a criminal summons on the superintendent of the Hamburg School District for falsely reporting an incident in the 3rd degree. This is in connection with a police report Jetter filed on May 6th for damage to his car in the parking lot of the Union Pleasant School. Mr. Jetter is scheduled to appear in Village of Hamburg court on August 6th to answer the misdemeanor charge.

The district is embroiled in a disciplinary hearing underway that could result in the possible removal of board member Catherine Schrauth Forcucci. 

  From the Archives:
Hear Jetter on The WBEN Liveline
describing the vandalism to his car, May 7, 2014

In May,  as hearings on her future began, residents began to rally around Jetter after he said his car was damaged and a threatening note was left on his windshield.

It's a story that he now apparently admits was made up.

The Buffalo News reports that Jetter drove to the village police station Wednesday morning and confessed to the lie. He then returned to his school offices, told an aide about concocting the story. After that, Jetter is said to have checked himself into Brylin Hospital, The News reports.

Hamburg police are expected to release more information on the case Thursday afternoon.

The allegations are being met with dismay among parents in the district.

"The Hamburg SD is an embarrassment. The SB antics make Buffalo look sane. You have in fighting, bullying, and intimidation. You question why these people even ran for School Board," wrote one on HamburgSchoolEthics., a blog where frustrated parents have often vented about district policies in recent months 

" For their money you would think they would get better value for their money than the last two superintendents. One who was asked to resign from his previous two positions because he was incompetent and was accused of having an improper relationship with a staff member. Now you have Jetter who creates this elaborate story about how his car was vandalized with a fake threating note., " the parent wrote .

Wednesday morning, after the school board vote to place Jetter on leave, the district released this statement:

Since yesterday, the Board of Education has now confirmed that the Village of Hamburg police are investigating certain matters concerning the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Jetter. The district, of course, intends to fully cooperate in this investigation. The board will carefully monitor this investigation as it unfolds and has authorized any inquiry deemed necessary. Additionally, the board placed Dr. Jetter on administrative leave pending further developments. Assistant Superintendent Colleen B. Kaney has been appointed as Acting Superintendent.

From Tuesday, Here's what the district said when the scandal first came to light

The Board of Education of the Hamburg Central School District learned today that the Village of Hamburg Police Department is conducting an investigation involving School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Jetter. The Board plans to discuss its options regarding Dr. Jetter tomorrow. In the meantime, Assistant Superintendents Colleen Kaney and Barbara Sporyz will serve as acting superintendents of the district. There will be no further comment at this time.

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