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graphic: Coalition Against Drug Abuse

Buffalo: One Of America's Vice Capitals

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Buffalo. One of America's true Sin Cities.

At least on Twitter. Apparently, we can talk a good game.

The Coalition Against Drug Abuse combed through more than 450,000 tweets that made reference to different kinds of vices (mainly drugs, sex, and gambling), and counted up the numbers of tweets from each of America's larger cities.

Surprise: Buffalo is America's capital for MDMA (or ecstasy, or molly). Bigger surprise: Buffalo is America's #2 big city for sex. Or, at least, talking about it.

All in all, Buffalo ranks #4 as America's overall Vice Capital, by this measure. Buffalo ranks only behind Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and New Orleans. (People in Pittsburgh are saying "Buffalo?" People in Buffalo are saying "Pittsburgh?")

Buffalo earned its #4 ranking by pumping out 3.78 tweets related to vice per 1,000 residents. So, if you do the math, this is a snapshot of about 980 local tweets over a 20-day period.

Some of the ranking make sense: Las Vegas is our Gambling Capital. It's legal there. Denver is our Marijuana Capital. It's legal there. But, the Heroin Capital is Columbus, Ohio. The Cocaine Capital is Des Moines, Iowa.

You can explore this interesting study at

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